A Civil Trial and Appellate Boutique


After decades of trial and appellate practice, experience has taught us that there is no substitute for judgment born of long experience and trust built over many years. We are convinced that high quality, cost-effective representation is best achieved when a team of seasoned, successful attorneys with deep personal and professional ties and a shared commitment to excellence bring their collective experience to bear on your case. Whether you seek support with federal or state appeals, we have the expertise to help.

We use a team approach that relies on collaboration at key decision points, including accepting clients, developing a litigation strategy, legal research, brief writing, preparing for oral argument, and settlement.

Our approach is more cost-effective than the traditional law-firm paradigm, because when litigation is conducted by big law, the result often is what you would expect, big fees. The organizational structure of a large or even medium size firm is a pyramid, with less experienced lawyers doing most of the work and accounting for most of the fees. The upside down pyramid in the Madden Law logo is the symbolic representation of our promise to avoid the “big box” approach. Big fees and inefficiency are difficult for larges firm to avoid (even if they want to).

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