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Madden Law specializes in commercial appeals, financial-institution appeals, government-related appeals, appeals related to subject matter jurisdiction and appeals involving statutory-construction.  Our practice includes the Supreme Court of the United States, all federal courts of appeals and all state appellate courts, particularly in Ohio, Virginia, and Maryland.

As part of our appellate practice, we provide assistance to trial counsel, either as co-counsel or as a consultant, in developing overall trial strategy from the perspective of a potential appeal, including assistance in preparing dispositive motions to dismiss, for summary judgment.  We also assist in preparing motions in limine and for post-trial relief.

We have substantive expertise in the following areas of federal law: Tort suits against the United States under the federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA); breach of contract or Fifth Amendment takings cases under the Tucker Act; injunctive or declaratory judgment actions under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA); FDIC bank receivership law; enforcement actions by federal banking agencies (FDIC, OCC, and the federal Reserve) against banks or their affiliated parties, including directors, officers, and professionals providing services to banks; challenges to the constitutionality or implementation of the Dodd Frank Act; and claims under federal consumer protection statutes.

We represent clients at the administrative and trial levels as well in the appellate courts in two narrow circumstances:  Suits challenging the actions or regulations of federal agencies under the APA and enforcement actions initiated by the federal banking agencies against banks and their affiliated parties.

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